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International Civil Society Coalition To Discuss Global Privacy Standards

Urdu Translation of The Public Voice Press Release: International Civil Society Coalition To Discuss Global Privacy Standards

Coalizão da sociedade civil internacional se reúne para discutir padrões globais de Privacidade

A Public Voice, maior coalizão de organizações da sociedade civil global, vai discutir o tema “Padrões globais de privacidade no mundo globalizado" em conferência a ser realizada no dia 3 de novembro de 2009 em Madri (Espanha). O evento acontecera junto com a 31a. Conferência Internacional Anual de Comissariados de Proteção de Dados e Privacidade.

Ativistas e especialistas de destaque - provindos da academia, de associações de consumidores, de organizações e movimentos de direitos digitais e de associações de profissionais - discutirão com autoridades públicas e representantes do setor privado sobre como conscientizar a comunidade global a respeito do tema da privacidade e como promover maior participação da sociedade civil em processos decisórios que envolvam a adoção de melhores padrões de proteção a dados pessoais e à privacidade, em nível global.



Coalicion Internacional de la Sociedad Civil discutirá los Estándares Mundiales de Privacidad

La Voz Pública, la mayor coalición internacional de la sociedad civil, discutirá sobre "Normas de privacidad global en un mundo globalizado", en su conferencia del 3 de noviembre de 2009 en Madrid, España, que se celebrará junto con la 31ª Conferencia Internacional de Autoridades de Protección de Datos y Privacidad.

Destacados expertos del mundo académico y defensores de consumidores, de los derechos digitales y de las comunidades laborales, discutirán con los funcionarios públicos y el sector empresarial cómo incrementar la conciencia de privacidad en la comunidad mundial, y cómo promover la participación de la sociedad civil en la toma de decisiones para la adopción de mejores estándares de protección de la intimidad y los datos personales a nivel mundial.

European Privacy Seal Awarded to Online Ad Service and Video Anonymizer

The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) has been awarded to two privacy services, following a review by privacy experts and an independent body. The first EuroPriSe was awarded to German company's Predictive Targeting Networking service, an online advertising service that follows principles of data avoidance and minimization by not maintaining multi-website tracking profiles, deleting IP address records, and offering a blocking cookie for users to opt out. The second certification was awarded to Austrian company Kiwi Security's KiwiVision Privacy Protector, a software module that performs real-time anonymization of video data by obfuscating faces, license plates, and other identifying imagery.

The Public Voice: Global Privacy Standards in a Global World (2009)

A civil society conference, entitled "Global Privacy Standards in a Global World" will be held on 3 November 2009 in Madrid, Spain, in conjunction with the 31st Annual International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. This one-day event organized by The Public Voice Coalition aims to "Review the privacy developments of the past year and release the current edition of the Privacy and Human Rights report;" "Promote civil society participation in decisions concerning the protection of privacy as both a fundamental human right and an essential facilitator for a global economy;" "Develop global privacy standards in a global world," and "Review and coordinate civil society involvement in privacy discussions in regional and other global arenas such as the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, among others.

Some of the issues to be addressed at the civil society conference will include: A country by-country privacy overview: Are governments getting better at protecting citizens' data or is the surveillance society expanding?; Examples and experience sharing of privacy and data protection rights advocacy around the world; What can be achieved and lessons to be learned; Your Data in the Cloud: What if it Rains?"; Newest emerging issues and their implications for consumer digital rights: Cloud Computing, Search and Privacy and Google Book Settlement; "Freedom of Movement: Bridges, Channels or Walls": Transborder Data Flow in the public and private Sector: From Passenger Name Records and financial transactions to Outsourcing Personal Data. When should data flows be facilitated and when should they be blocked?. A panel on "Towards Global Privacy Standards?" will also be held. The panel will discuss the key elements necessary to be included in a global privacy framework. For example, the right to access to his or her personal data as a key element to empower any citizen to exercise his or her right to control their own personal information.

The Public Voice in Privacy Policy (2000)

On September 27, 2000, EPIC and Privacy International hosted a conference, "The Public Voice in Privacy Policy," in Venice, Italy. The meeting was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners to begin
on September 28, 2000.

The conference will bring together leading academic experts, NGO leaders, and privacy officials from around the world to explore current issues in privacy protection. Panel discussions will focus on the globalization of surveillance; copyright protection and
privacy; the EU-US negotiations on transborder data flows (Safe Harbor); and the need for an international convention on data protection.

The first of these conferences was held in Sydney in 1992. Subsequent meetings have taken place in Manchester (1993), The Hague (1994), Copenhagen (1995), Ottawa (1996), Brussels (1997), and Hong Kong (1999).

Global Privacy Standard

In 2005, at the 27th International Data Protection Commissioners Conference in Montreux, Switzerland, Canadian's Commissioner Ann Cavoukian chaired a Working Group of Commissioners. This Working Group was convened for the sole purpose of creating a single Global Privacy Standard.

Commissioner Ann Cavoukian said: "faced with globalization and convergence of business practices, regardless of borders, I thought there was a pressing need to harmonize various sets of fair information practices into one Global Privacy Standard. Once such a foundational policy piece was in place, then businesses and technology companies could turn to a single instrument for evaluating whether their practices or systems were actually privacy enhancing, in nature and substance." Read more


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European Commission: Consultation on Personal Data Protection

Consultation due on December 31, 2009




This is a listing of events which may be useful for civil society to participate, connect and network on issues relating to information and communication technologies and policies.


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