Internet Governance: Organizations

  • Domain Name Rights Coalition, public interest association seeking to enhance democracy on the Internet and protection for all types of communication.
  • ICANN Watch, collaberative effort by noted scholars and Internet commentators to raise public awareness of ICANN’s activities.
  • Internet Democracy Project, a joint initiative by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation (ACLU), the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) seeking to enhance the participation of Internet users worldwide in non-governmental bodies that are setting Internet policy .
  • The Internet Society (ISOC), global society of organizations and individual members addressing issues that confront the future of the Internet. Organizational home for the groups responsible for Internet infrastructure standards,
    including the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).
  • Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency, ICANN’s Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO)’s constituency representing noncommercial interests.
  • NGO and Academic ICANN Study (NAIS) Project, coalition of geographically diverse experts studying public participation in ICANN’s activities.