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The Public Voice coalition was established in 1996 by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) to promote public participation in decisions concerning the future of the Internet. The Public Voice has pursued issues ranging from privacy and freedom of expression to consumer protection and Internet governance. Through international conferences, reports and travel funding, the Public Voice project seeks to increase the presence of NGOs at meetings across the globe. In cooperation with the ICDPPC, the OECD, UNESCO, and other international organizations, the Public Voice project brings civil society leaders face to face with government officials for constructive engagement about current policy issues. Public Voice events have been held in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Cancun, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Jerusalem, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Montreal, Ottawa, Paris, Punte del Este, Seoul, Sharm El Seihk, Washington, and Wroclaw.

The Public Voice project was initially supported by the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Institute. The Public Voice has provided support for several organizations, including the Center for International Media Action, CPSR, EDRi, People for Internet Responsibility, Privacy International, and CPSR-Peru. EPIC now provides support for the Public Voice and the work of NGOS through the EPIC Public Voice Fund.


“There is an increasing recognition that we must involve all stakeholders including the voice of civil society. The Public Voice meeting and its contributions to the Forum have been constructive and positive.” — OECD Under Secretary General

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Communication Rights in the Information Society.Communications Rights in the Information Society (CRIS) is a campaign to ensure that communication rights are central to the information society and to the upcoming World Summit to the Information Society (WSIS). The campaign is sponsored and supported by the Platform for Communication Rights, a group of NGOs involved in media and communication projects around the world.

Free Press. Free Press is a national organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates. Receive email featuring the stories published on the mediareform.net website.

Association for Progressive Communications.APCNews is a civil society’s monthly e-bulletin on strategic uses of the Internet to promote social justice and equality. From the APC, an International online community on peace, human rights, development and the environment since 1990.

European Digital Rights. EDRI-gram, the newsletter about freedom, rights and rules in the information society in Europe.

Statewatch Bulletin. Coverage includes news, features and research sources on new measures introduced by national governments and the EU institutions in Brussels as well as reporting from the ground on the effect of policies and state practices in the community.

EurActiv. Information on EU developments in key policy areas such as trade, environment, enlargement, sustainable development, transparency, media and e-commerce. Free archives and email updates.

GILC Alert.Free monthly newsletter of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign with latest developments in privacy and free expression around the world.

OneWorld.net. Online community of over 750 organizations focusing on development, environmental, and human rights issues.

Transitions Online. News and analysis about issues affecting Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and former Soviet Union.

UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society. Information on the legal, social, and ethical issues of information technologies.