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OECD Technology Foresight Forum

"Participative Web Forum: Shaping policies for creativity,
confidence and convergence"

Ottawa, October 3, 2007

"The "participative web" is an Internet influenced by intelligent web services based on new technologies empowering the user to be an increasing contributor to developing, rating, collaborating and distributing Internet content and customizing Internet applications. These new web tools are said to enable commercial and non-commercial service providers to better harness the "collective intelligence" of Internet users, driving a range of new social and economic opportunities, including for governments. It is expected to have a significant imipact on all sorts of activities from participatory democracy to radically new business models to new ways of doing science and research." -- OECD Forum Agenda


This new chapter for the Internet presents opportunities to highlight economic and social policy objectives. A high-level perspective is needed to identify inter-relations, broad implications, and for all stakeholders to rise to the challenges of adapting to this new environment. The issues – creativity, confidence and convergence, are interconnected.

Consequently, policies that address them need to be formulated across a range of areas such as communications, economic, consumer protection and information security policy, needing cooperation between governments, the private sector, organised labour, the technical community and civil society.

Civil Society Participation at the OECD

In 1998, EPIC and a coalition of NGOs coordinated with the OECD to promote civil society participation in the OECD Ministerial conference that was held in Ottawa, Ontario. Those efforts resulted in an important conference, "The Public Voice in the Development of Internet Policy," and an enhanced role for civil society organizations and academic experts interested in Internet and IT policy.

Since that time, the Public Voice coalition has worked with the OECD and other international organizations on a wide range of Internet policy matters, from privacy and cryptography to electronic commerce and developing market economies. The Public Voice believes that it is vital to maintain civil society participation in the work of the OECD, particularly in the IT realm. Toward that goal, the Public Voice has started a good process to facilitate civil society participation leading up to the 2008 Ministerial in Seoul.

"There is an increasing recognition that we must involve all stakeholders including the voice of civil society.
The Public Voice meeting and its contribution to the Forum have been constructive and positive."

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