The Public Voice: "Our Data, Our Lives"

Held in conjunction with the
35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

September 24, 2013

Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Centre
in Warsaw, Poland

Virtual Meeting


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Program Committee Members

Name Affiliation
Renata Avila Technology for Transparency Initiative (GTM)
Suso Baleato CSISAC (FRA)
Rocco Bellanova Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) (BEL)
Ana Brian Universidad de la República, School of Law (URY)
Jeff Chester CDD (USA)
Anna Fielder Privacy International (GBR)
Paul de Hert Institute for European Studies (BEL)
Masao Horibe Hitotsubashi University (JAP)
Deborah Hurley EPIC (USA)
Tamir Israel CPIC (CAN)
Kristina Irion CEU (HUN)
Malavika Jayaram Jayaram & Jayaram (IND)
Sophie Kwasny CoE
Cedric Laurant Cedric Laurant Law Firm (BEL)
Meryem Marzouki EDRi (FRA)
Arwid Mednis University of Warsaw (POL)
Pablo G. Molina Georgetown University and Southern Connecticut University (USA)
Nick Pickes Big Brother Watch (GBR)
Katitza Rodriguez EFF (PER)
Kostas Rossoglou BEUC
Marc Rotenberg (co-chair) EPIC (USA)
Katarzyna Szymielewicz (co-chair) PANOPTYKON (POL)


  • Promote dialogue between privacy experts and advocates and data protection officials
  • Review significant privacy developments during the past year
  • Highlight important NGO campaigns
  • Review progress on Madrid Declaration
  • Assess new technologies of surveillance
  • Propose concrete actions to safeguard privacy and promote data protection


  • Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Open Society Foundation


09:00 Welcome

Welcome: Deborah Hurley, EPIC

Opening Statement Wojciech Wiewiórowski, Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, Poland

09:30 "'Tour de Table' and Progress on Madrid Declaration"

A brief overview of significant privacy developments from the past year from regional experts, as well as a discussion of NGO campaigns and progress on the Madrid Declaration.

Malavika Jayaram, Jayaram & Jayaram

Katitza Rodriguez, EFF

Emma Carr, Big Brother Watch

Renata Avila, Technology for Transparency Initiative

Organizers: Joe McNamee, EDRI and Katitza Rodriguez, EFF

10:30 "The NSA Surveillance Program: What Is the Response from Civil Society?"

This panel will discuss the scope of the recently disclosed surveillance activities of the US National Security Agency, and the efforts underway in the EU and the United States to respond. The emphasis will be on promoting a political response to the unlawful surveillance. Speakers will include NGOS, government officials, and technical experts.

Paul De Hert, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Meryem Marzouki, CNRS

David Medine, PCLOB

Pablo G. Molina, Georgetown University and Southern Connecticut University

Caroline Wilson Palow, Privacy International

Organizers: Gus Hosein, PI and Meryem Marzouki

11:30 Internet Intermediaries and Data Protections

While there is general agreement that Internet intermediaries have a minimal responsibility for information published by users, for data protection the analysis is very different. These companies routinely collect vast amounts of information about users and also frequently the targets of law enforcement investigations. This panel will explore the responsibility of platform providers to assume some data protection responsibilities.

Colin Bennett, University of Victoria

Michael Donohue, OECD

David Jacobs, EPIC

David Wright, Trilateral

Organizers: Tamir Israel, CIPPIC and Kristina Irion, CEU

12:30 Luncheon / Keynote

"Do Consumers Have Citizen's Rights?"

Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman of the Article 29 Working Party

14:00 "EU-US Trade Discussion: Will the United States be Given a Free Pass on Privacy Again?"

The EU and the United States have recently begun negotiations over a new trade agreement, called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. EU officials have stated that data protection will not be covered by the agreement, but that (transborder) data flows will. Digital industries have also called for inclusion of personal data flows into this trade agreement, while privacy advocates maintain that international rules for such data transfers already exist, and that the United States should ratify Council of Europe Privacy Convention 108. Meanwhile, there are questions about the adequacy of the EU-US Safe Harbor and plans to review it.

Anna Fielder, PI

Jennifer Stoddart, Office of Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Sophie Kwasny, CoE

Kostas Rossoglou, BEUC

Chris Wolf, Hogan Lovells

Organizers: Anna Fielder, PI and Sophie Kwasny, CoE

15:30 - 18:00 NGO Roundtable: Pursuing a Data Protection Agenda

NOTE: VENUE CHANGE: The NGO Roundtable will be held at Krytyka Polityczna, Foksal 16, Warsaw.

This session of the meeting is designated for NGO leaders and representatives to discuss the development of an agenda for data protection, drawing on the information learned during the Public Voice conference, the expertise of the organizations, and the interests of Internet users.

Organizers: Katarzyna Szymielewicz, PANOPTYKON and Rocco Bellanova, PRIO


The Madrid Declaration

The Public Voice Madrid Declaration [Espanol] [English] [French] [Additional Translations]
The Public Voice Madrid Declaration Signers

European Commission

Reform of Data Protection Regulation 25 January 2012
Details on Proposed Reform Regulation
Regulation of the European Parliment and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation)

United States

White House Blueprint for a "Privacy Bill of Rights" to Protect Consumers Online 23 February 2012
Federal Trade Commission Issues Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy 26 March 2012

European Union

A Constitution for Europe The Lisbon Treaty

Council of Europe

Convention 108 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Organization for Econcomic Cooperation and Development

OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data

2013 OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data

Others Parts of the World

Countries Enacting New Privacy or Data Protection Laws in 2011-2012

Global Data Privacy Laws: 89 Countries, and Accelerating


Electronic Privacy Information Center

Panoptykon Foundation

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