The Public Voice: Privacy Rights are a Global Challenge

Held in conjunction with the
34th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

October 22, 2012

Conrad Hotel of Punta del Este, Room C
in Punta del Este; Maldonado, Uruguay

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Virtual Meeting

Steering Committee Members

  • Lillie Coney (Chair) (USA)
  • Deborah Hurley (USA)
  • Anna Fielder (GBR)
  • Meryem Marzouki (FRA)
  • Cedric Laurant (BEL)
  • Tamir Israel (CAN)
  • Pablo Molina (ESP)
  • Katitza Rodriguez (PER)
  • Rocco Bellanova (BEL)
  • Carlos G. Gregorio (ARG)
  • Korina Velazquez (MEX)
  • Cristina Ledesma (URY)
  • Gabriel Barandiaran (URY)
  • Gus Hosein (GBR)
  • Jaiok Kim (KOR)
  • Nigel Waters (AUS)
  • Conchy Martin Rey (ESP)
  • Isabel Davara Fernández de Marcos (MEX)
  • Danilo Doneda (BRA)
  • Cristos Velasco (MEX)
  • Malavika Jayaram (IND)
  • Renata Avila (GTM)
  • Ana Brian (URY)
  • Alison Tilley (ZAF)


  • Measure the Impact of the Madrid Declarations
  • Assess cultures and privacy perspectives from around the World
  • Spread of Surveillance Technology and Social/Cultural Implications
  • Explore Latin American policy, law, and technology perspectives on privacy
  • Governance, Technology and Civic Engagement
  • Civil Society, privacy NGOs and consumer rights advocates in Latin America

  • Sponsors

  • Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Causacomún
  • Proteccion Datos Mexico
  • Australian Privacy Foundation
  • Open Democracy Advice Center
  • Confianza y valor en Sistemas Informáticos
  • Program

    08:00 Registration

    08:25 Convenes Meeting and Introduces Dr. Felipe Rotondo, President, Personal Data Regulatory and Control Unit Lillie Coney, Associate Director, EPIC (USA)

    08:30 Welcome Dr. Felipe Rotondo, President, Personal Data Regulatory and Control Unit (URCDP) (Uruguay)

    Video Part I

    08:40 The Madrid Declaration Assessment Three Years Later

    Three years ago, civil society organizations and the Data Protection Commissioners both gathered in Madrid, and drafted and adopted two Declarations, which reaffirms international privacy norms, identifies new challenges, and sets out specific objectives. This panel will review the globalizing trend toward Madrid Declaration benchmarks by reviewing the policy mechanisms under consideration by the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, Council of Europe and the United State to created enforceable digital consumer and privacy rights.

    Moderator: Meryem Marzouki, Meryem Marzouki, EDRI, CNRS & Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
    Panel: Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party; Korina Velazquez, Specialist Digital and Electronic Government; Rebecca Bowe, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Sophie Kwasny, Secretary to the Consultative Committee of the Council of Europe

    9:45 Topic: Civil Society Perspectives on International Approaches to Consumer Privacy Rights Enforcement

    Description: How well do the various international privacy initiatives (inc. APEC, CoE, EU, OECD and US) meet civil society expectations? What prospect do they each offer, beyond establishing revised norms, for effective enforcement of privacy rights. Source materials include European Commission Data Protection reforms; Council of Europe review of Convention 108; OECD Guidelines review, APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules system; United States government Consumer Privacy in a Networked World: A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation and US Federal Trade Commission's Protecting Consumer Privacy in an Era of Rapid Change: Recommendations For Businesses and Policymakers

    Moderator: Nigel Waters, Australian Privacy Foundation Inc
    Panel: Allan Chiang, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Hong Kong; Jose Alejandro Bermudez, Colombian lawyer from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá); Francisco Javier Vera Hott, Derechos Digitales, Chile; Renata Avila Pinto, Co-Directing @Techtransparent and #Librebus

    11:00 Break

    Video Part II

    11:20 Topic: Emerging Trends in the Internet Global Village: Cross Cultural Views of Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Human Rights on Data Collection, Retention and Use

    Description: This panel will continue a discussion on whether privacy and data protection are really culture and generation dependent as it is often claimed; is it really the case that some countries/communities are more tolerant to privacy invasions and sharing data than others? And what are the diverse public international views on privacy? Is there any evidence to demonstrate what people around the world really thinks about their rights to privacy, and how do authorities make use of this in their policies and legislative measures? In other words do various legislative measures/ implementation approaches reflect cultures/reality?

    Moderator: Deborah Hurley,
    Panel: Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor at European Data Protection Supervisor; Gus Hosein, Executive Director Privacy International; Alison Tilley, Executive Director Open Democracy Advice Center, South Africa; Malavika Jayaram, Centre for Internet & Society; Meryem Marzouki, EDRI, CNRS & Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

    12:30 Lunch - Networking Lunch -- Time to Learn more about Public Voice Participants

    Video Part III

    13:30 What are the Next Challenges for Digital Privacy Protection?

    Moderator: Pablo Molina
    Panel: Federico Monteverde, President at Data Protection Authority of Uruguay; *Yoram Hacohen, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) Israel; Bruce Schneier International Computer Security Expert, Cristina Ledesma (URY), Frank Torres, Microsoft

    14:45 Topic: Civil Society's Challenge in Preserving Civic Participation (Open Government, Citizen Engagement, and the Public Voice)

    Description: Civil Participation encompasses every opportunity made available to citizens for direct eengagement in the governance process. Government adoption of policy that encourage or amplify the Public Voice will be explored.

    Moderator: Lillie Coney, Associate Director EPIC (USA)
    Panel: Professor Alex Halderman Professor, Computing Science Unitersity of Michigan, David Banisar Article 19, Juan Antonialo Travieso, Director Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales, Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, República Argentina; Dariusz Kloza, Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS) Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) - Faculty of Law and Criminology; Sebastian Bellagamba, President of ISOC's Argentina Chapter

    Video Part IV

    15:45 Topic: Adoption and Implementation of Latin America's Consumer and Privacy Protection Laws

    Description: Focus on Latin American developments in privacy and consumer protection laws and enforcement mechanisms.
    Moderator: Cedric Laurant, Attorney, Data Privacy and Information Security Belgium
    Panel: Carlos G. Gregorio, Consultant at IIJusticia; Gabriel Barandiaran (URY); Silvia Susana Toscano, Directora Departamento de Derecho Universidad Argentina de la Empresa - UADE; Patricia Reyes, Ana Brian Nougrères, Universidad de la República, School of Law - Legal Informatics Chair;

    17:00 Taking the Global Temperature on Consumer and Privacy Protection: Laws v. Self Regulations

    Description: Privacy Regulators Trans-border People and Data Flows - Forging New Solutions
    Moderator: Christopher Wolf, Partner at Hogan & Hartson LLP
    Panel: Peter Schaar, Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Germany); Joshua Harris, Policy Analyst Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce U.S. Department of Commerce (USA); Jörg Polakiewicz, Council of Europe; Julie Brill, Commissioner Federal Trade Commission (USA); Commissioner Sigrid Arzt the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information(Mexico); Dr. Felipe Rotondo Tornaría,* Control de Tratamiento de Datos Personales (Uruguay)

    18:00 Adjourn

    * Invitations extended to speak


    The Madrid Resolution

    The International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners' Madrid Resolution
    Statement on The Necessity of International Frameworks in Support of The Protection of Privacy and Personal Data

    The Madrid Declaration

    The Public Voice Madrid Declaration [Espanol] [English] [French] [Additional Translations]
    The Public Voice Madrid Declaration Signers

    European Commission

    Reform of Data Protection Regulation 25 January 2012
    Details on Proposed Reform Regulation
    Regulation of the European Parliment and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation)

    United States

    White House Blueprint for a "Privacy Bill of Rights" to Protect Consumers Online 23 February 2012
    Federal Trade Commission Issues Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy 26 March 2012

    European Union

    A Constitution for Europe The Lisbon Treaty

    Council of Europe

    Convention 108 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

    Organization for Econcomic Cooperation and Development

    OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data OECD 1980 Privacy Guidelines

    Others Parts of the World

    Countries Enacting New Privacy or Data Protection Laws in 2011-2012

    Global Data Privacy Laws: 89 Countries, and Accelerating


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