The Public Voice Civil Society Meeting:
"Digital Consumers Freedom and Privacy"

Monday, 25 October 2010
Crown Plaza Hotel
Jerusalem, Israel

Held in conjunction with the
33rd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners


Participating Organizations (in formation)

Organizing Committee (in formation)

Goals of the conference

  • Examine emerging privacy issues, including smart grid technology, airport body scanners, and biometric identifiers.
  • Assess progress on the Madrid Privacy Declaration.
  • Promote civil society participation in decisions concerning the protection of privacy as both a fundamental human right and an essential facilitator for a global economy.
  • Review and coordinate civil society involvement in privacy discussions in regional and other global arenas: CoE, EU, APEC, IGF, OECD, ITU, ICANN

Civil Society Madrid Declaration


  • Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • The Israeli Law, Information, and Technology Authority (ILTA)
  • Australian Privacy Foundation
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Center for Digital Democracy
  • Electronic Frountier Foundation
  • Interfait Encounter Association
  • North American Consumr Project on Electronic Commerce
  • Privacy International
  • Society In Action Group
  • Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue


    (*: Indicates that speaker is invited but not yet confirmed)

    8:00 Registration / Breakfast

    9:00 Welcome

    Lillie Coney, EPIC (USA)
    Yoram Hacohen, Director, The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ISR)*

    9:30 "The Madrid Declaration: One Year Later"

    One year ago, civil society organizations gathered in Madrid, and drafted and adopted "The Madrid Privacy Declaration," which reaffirms international privacy norms, identifies new challenges, and sets out specific objectives. This panel will review progress on the Madrid Declaration. This panel will also review recent campaigns by privacy activists.

    Moderator: Pablo Molina, Georgetown University Law Center (ESP)

    Gus Hosein, Privacy International (GBR)
    Rafael García Gozalo, Spanish Data Protection Agency (ESP)
    Katitza Rodriguez, [News], Electronic Frontier Foundation (PER)
    Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner, Canada (CAN)
    Peter Schaar, Federal Commissioner for Privacy (GER)

    10:30 Open Discussion on Privacy Campaigns and New Issues

    This panel will review some of the key strategies and tactics for privacy campaigners as well as highlights from the past year. All conference participants will be encouraged to share ideas and experiences.

    Moderator: Simon Davies, Privacy International (GBR)


    11:00 "Emerging Privacy Issues"

    New technologies pose new challenges to the protection of privacy. Examples include Smart Grid electrical network, electronic medical records, online selling, mobile advertising, geolocation tracking, datamining, and RFID tags. This panel will explore key challenges and the responses of advocacy organizations.

    Moderator: Prof. Kristina Irion, Center for Media and Communication Studies (HUN)

    Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Melon University (ITA)
    Josep Domingo-Ferrer, UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy, U. Rovira i Virgili (CAT)
    Michiel Karskens, Consumentenbond (NLD)
    Lee Tien, EFF (USA)

    12:30 Lunch Discussion

    "Biometrics, Identity and Privacy"
    Keynote by Adi Shamir, Weizmann Institute (ISR) *

    14:00 "Establishing International Frameworks for Privacy Protection"

    Even with the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, there is growing interest in an international framework for privacy protection that would help ensure the enforcement of fundamental privacy rights. This panel will review the various frameworks for privacy protection, and explore the various new opportunities, including an "Umbrella Agreement" and further accession to Council of Europe Convention 108. This panel will also explore privacy issues in developing countries.

    Moderator: Prof. Julie Cohen, Georgetown University Law (USA)

    Kirsten Bock [doc], Office of Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein (GER)
    Marie-Hélène Boulanger, European Commission (FRA)
    Rajan R. Gandhi, Society in Action Group (IND)
    Jaiok Kim, Consumers Korea (KOR)
    Nigel Waters [doc], Australian Privacy Foundation (AUS)

    15:00 "The Campaigns Against Body Scanners and Biometric Identity Cards"

    There is growing opposition to the deployment of full body scanners and biometric identity cards. Civil liberties organizations, health experts, and religious organizations have made clear their arguments against body scanners. Privacy campaigners and technical experts have successfully stopped proposals for biometric identity systems. This panel will explore these concerns and discuss next steps in the these campaigns.

    Moderator: Prof. Jeffrey Rosen, author (USA)

    Rocco Bellanova, Vrije Universiteit (BEL)
    Malavika Jayaram, Jayaram and Jayaram (IND)
    Avner Pinchuk [doc], Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ISR)

    16:00 "Promoting Dialogue Between NGOs and DPAs"

    Critical to continued progress in the privacy field is continued communications between NGOs and DPAs. This panel will examine the role of campaigns, petitions, and complaints, how NGOs can help shape political outcomes and how DPAs can respond to public concerns.

    Moderator: Anna Fielder, TACD, Privacy International (GBR)

    Giovanni Buttarelli, (ITA)
    Alexander Dix, Commissioner for Data Protection and Access to Information, Berlin (GER)
    David Vladeck, Federal Trade Commission (USA)
    Jacqueline Peschard Mariscal, Commissioner President, Access to Information and Data Protection (MEX)



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